Specialist Water Pump Suppliers

Pump and Plant supplies a host of water pumps suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. With years of experience in pumping systems, we help you find the right pump at the right price.

We also offer installation, repair and maintenance. Explore our pump categories below for further information on what we offer and discover the ideal water pump solution for you.

Drainage Pumps Specialists

Drainage Pumps remove wastewater in homes, workspaces and various construction and industrial sites. Here at Pump and Plant, we specialise in supplying drainage solutions to deal with flooded and water lodged areas quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruptions. Our range of submersible drainage pumps are housed in protective casings.

Engine Driven Pump Specialists

Engine driven pumps are portable pumps driven by small internal combustion engines, making them useful in a huge range of industries, particularly agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. We’re partnered with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers to bring you only the highest quality products, coupled with your unrivalled service provision.

Multi-Stage Water Pump Suppliers

Multistage water pumps are designed for clear fluid transfer through several impellers, or stages, as they are also referred to. Whereas most water pumps are manufactured with a single impeller, the addition of multiple stages allows multistage pumps to generate higher levels of water pressure efficiently. We are sure to have the right pump for your needs.

Water Pressure Booster Pump Suppliers

Pressure water pumps or water booster pumps, as they are otherwise known, are pumping tools used to increase water pressure and flow output. Increasing rates of water usage and high-demand areas often have a knock-on effect on the average water pressure for homes, office spaces and various other locations.

Leading Sewage Pumps Suppliers

Sewage pumps are a type of water pump used when moving sewage, wastewater and discharge liquids from one place to another. At Pump & Plant, we stock a vast range of sewage pumps for all needs and industry requirements. Our experts can help find the perfect sewage pumping solution with continuous support and guidance along the way.

Sludge Pump Specialists

An efficient sludge pump service is important for several reasons, especially in industries and applications that deal with wastewater treatment and the handling of sludge, including environmental compliance, worker safety, equipment lifespan, functional performance and cost savings. Get in touch with our expert team and discover the ideal sludge pump for you.

Slurry Pumps Specialists

Slurry pumps are highly specialised, industrial pumping devices used to manage slurry or other liquids containing a high-solid content. They are known for being both tough and flexible with a wide range of uses and applications. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that we have the right product for you.

Why Choose Us?

Handily located in the heart of the country, we are one of the UK’s leading experts in the supply, installation and maintenance of water pumps and have been for over three decades. Over that time, we have dived deep into all areas of water removal and relocation, gaining a vast knowledge and understanding of what works best for all individual needs. You can trust in our expertise.


Our proud roots are in Bridgnorth and have been since 1983. This experience is what makes us stand out from other companies. We have a wealth of experience and product knowledge that is unrivalled, making us the ideal choice for finding your perfect pump at the right price.


We have a fleet of vehicles to ensure your pumps arrive promptly, with a smile and without delay. We can reach you wherever you are located thanks to our range of agile urban vans or sturdy reliable trucks. You can rely on us for hassle-free delivery and installation where and when you want it.


Whatever pump you are looking for, we have you covered. From robust slurry pumps for large agricultural operations to fully submersible draining systems, our wide range of choices ensures we can cater to any needs within your budget.


We pride ourselves on being the best so we only partner with industry-leading manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Ebara, Calpeda, ABS, Caprari and more! Our extensive network and commercial partnerships guarantee we can always supply you with the exact pump you need, and you can be assured the quality will always be top notch.

Need A Water Pump?

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The Industries We Work Within

Water pumps come in all sizes, designed specifically for their purpose, location, industry and above all the volume of water they are installed to control. See the below examples to discover the range of water pumps available.

Domestic Water Pumps

A Domestic Water Pump is a practical way to enhance your water supply, pressure and distribution, making your water system more sustainable and saving you money.

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Commercial Water Pumps

Our Commercial Water Pump can support industrial operations, facilitate processes and manage water resources. They are designed to handle greater volumes of water, higher pressures and more demanding conditions.

Industrial Water Pumps

Our Industrial Water Pumps are commonly found in mining, chemical processing, agriculture and more, these pumps are designed to handle large volumes of fluid whilst withstanding the tough conditions they are located.

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Domestic Water Pumps

A domestic water pump is a practical way to enhance your water supply, pressure and distribution, making your water system more sustainable and saving you money.

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*We are currently updating our website. For all available pump categories, please download our catalogue (19MB). Alternatively, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help!