Here at Pump & Plant, we are a trusted partner in effective dust suppression systems and can supply your organisation with our dust suppression services regardless of the industry. Our facilities are designed to address the challenges of dust control across a variety of sectors. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies and our concentrated commitment to environmental sustainability, we can support you with tailored solutions to ensure a cleaner and healthier working environment.

Why Dust Suppression Matters

Dust suppression is fundamental to those environments that are prone to gather volumes of dust. Dust can have considerable impacts on workplaces and employees and can pose some serious health and safety risks. Having a dust suppression system in your workplace can help with reducing dust levels and, in turn, can help to decrease the risk of employees suffering from respiratory problems, combined with improving the quality of visibility on site.

Investing in a dust suppression system can be an effective move for organisations that produce a large amount of dust, as they can save on maintenance, clean-up costs and employee wellbeing.

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What are The Benefits of a Dust Suppression System?

An important investment, dust suppression systems can supply your establishment with many benefits. In environments that are inclined to dust such as quarries or construction sites, there are significant health risks to staff, suppressing the dust on site can help to protect workers and any equipment that could get damaged from excessive dust exposure.

By investing in a dust suppression system, your organisation can improve dust levels on-site, expand visibility, and reduce respiratory issues of workers and it can be beneficial in financial savings long term.

How Does a Dust Collection System Work?

Industrial dust suppression systems usually work by using water or fog to clear the dust. Water dust suppression systems usually come in the forms of sprinklers, rain guns or water spray nozzle systems. Fog dust suppression systems are usually larger than the water systems and provide relief over a larger area. Spraying water droplets can suppress the dust as the particles adhere to the water/fog droplets and with their weight they drop out of the air.

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Trusted Dust Suppression Manufacturers

We are currently working with some of the industry’s top dust suppression manufacturers, including Grindex, ESPA and Calpeda, bringing trusted solutions to all our UK customers. Our products are also WRAS-approved, meaning they have undergone rigours quality and safety testing.

Our Dust Suppression Services

Here at Pump & Plant, we can offer customised solutions that will provide your business with tailored suppression plans based on your sector, and individual needs, whilst taking into consideration any environmental considerations whilst providing the highest quality dust suppression systems.

We can provide you with flexible pricing plans at Pump & Plant to accommodate your business’s individual dust suppression needs.

Installation and Maintenance

At Pump & Plant, we specialise in professional installation with minimal disruption to your business, so you can continue to work whilst we prepare your dust suppression system. To guarantee that your dust management systems continue to provide you with the performance you need, it is imperative to keep up a regular maintenance schedule to ensure longevity and optimal performance of the dust suppression system.

Environmental Responsibility

It is clear that dust can cause havoc on the environment as well as your employees, dust can pollute the air, land and water. Not only is it harmful to humans, but dust can have a negative impact on the growth of crops, insects and animals on both land and water. So, investing in industrial dust suppression systems for your business is an environmentally friendly way to resolve any dust concerns you may have.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Deciding to invest in a dust suppression system can save your organisation money, thanks to the dust suppression system eliminating additional dust, the lifespan of your equipment will significantly improve, meaning equipment will be better maintained and less likely to break. It can also save money in providing optimal cleaning on a regular basis, rather than having to disrupt your business to clean on occasion.

What We Offer You


Since our start in 1983, we’ve been proudly rooted in Bridgnorth. What sets us apart is our wealth of experience paired with deep product expertise, making us your go-to choice for finding the right pump at the right price.


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We’ve got you covered with nearly every pump type you can think of, from robust slurry pumps to handy, fully submersible drainage pumps. Our diverse selection ensures we can cater to your needs at a price that fits your budget.


We partner with industry-leading manufacturers like Atlas Copco, ABS, Calpeda, Caprari, Ebara, and more! Our extensive supply network guarantees we can consistently get the exact pump you need, and it’s always a top-quality product.

Why Choose Pump & Plant

With our vast experience and expertise in dust suppression systems, Pump & Plant is the perfect choice for any dust suppression problems. We are committed to customer satisfaction, with plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers, trust us to remove your dust effectively and efficiently.