Tower Light Hire London

Lighting Tower Hire London

Also known as light towers, lighting towers are an ideal solution for providing sufficient illumination in areas where other major sources of power are unavailable. They are often used at outdoor sporting events and concerts, in addition to being used across industry and construction. As such, it’s easy to see why this highly coveted piece of equipment is in high demand in London, which is where our lighting tower hire London service comes in. Indeed, these mobile, temporary lighting solutions can also prove indispensable in emergency services.

Despite playing such a crucial role in all sectors, however, many businesses are reluctant to buy their own lighting tower equipment. This is because it is usually only required for set periods of time and can prove costly when purchased outright, particularly when adding fuel costs into the mix. This is where Pump & Plant comes in. We offer short and long-term lighting tower hire in London and the surrounding areas, allowing you to light up your site or event worry-free, safe in the knowledge that we have pre-checked everything for you.

If you’re looking to hire lighting towers in London, look no further than Pump & Plant. We have a full fleet of diesel-powered lighting towers available for short or long-term rental across the city, all equipped with a range of beneficial features guaranteed to see you through your event:

  • Quiet: When hosting an event, the last thing you want is a noisy generator spoiling the show. We’re sure you don’t want to listen to the constant hum of motors running if working near a lighting tower, either. That’s why we only hire out quiet lighting towers that produce just 60 dB of noise – equivalent to a normal level of conversation when stood seven metres away. Position your light tower correctly and it should be practically silent.
  • Easy to operate: When you choose Pump & Plant for lighting tower hire in London, you can rest assured that your tower lights will be easy to operate. The masts of the lighting towers that we hire out can be fully extended to nine metres in just 12 seconds, thanks to their hydraulic operating system. What’s more, our portable lighting towers for hire are fitted with a 360º headlamp, allowing you to easily angle light wherever it is needed most.
  • Easy to move: The whole idea behind mobile tower lights is that they are easy to manoeuvre and use in areas where it may be difficult to supply traditional types of lighting. As specialists in mobile tower light hire in London, we know just what to look out for in top-quality tower lights, meaning you will never struggle with transporting your hired equipment to another location. From their robust, compact design that allows multiple units to travel safely at once to their forklift pockets, single lift eye and approved, EC whole-vehicle-type trailer, our London lighting towers are incredibly convenient and easy to move.
  • Efficient: One of the main factors to consider when looking into tower light hire in London is fuel efficiency. Our high-quality diesel tower lights provide 85 hours of uninterrupted operation, all running on cost-effective and sustainable biodegradable oil.
  • Sustainable: Because the hydraulic systems of our portable tower lights run on biodegradable oil, they are incredibly sustainable. Moreover, all the engine fluids have been fully bundled to protect the environment from spills.

Mobile Tower Light Hire London

Lighting Tower Hire for London Events

The portable lighting towers we have available to hire are perfect for all kinds of events, from football matches and concerts to outdoor festivals, shows and pop-up productions.

Industrial Lighting Tower Hire London

Boasting both height and incredible light strength, the lighting towers that Pump & Plant has available for hire in London are perfect for industrial use.

Construction Lighting Tower Hire London

Light up your building sites with our high-quality diesel lighting towers, available for hire across both London and the rest of the UK.

The Advantages of Rentals

You may be wondering why you should consider renting lighting towers rather than purchasing them. One of the major advantages of tower light hire is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining or servicing your lighting towers. Simply contact Pump & Plant to get a free quote, wait for your mobile tower light to arrive, use it as required, then wait for us to collect it once you’re done. Another advantage of lighting tower hire, specifically in London, is space. Why store equipment in a city renowned for its high property prices when you could simply hire when required instead?

Looking for Tower Lighting Tower Hire London? Speak To Our Expert Team

If you’re looking to rent quality lighting towers in London, Pump & Plant is here to help. We offer both long and short-term rental agreements on all our lighting towers across the city and also have equipment available to purchase should you choose to buy. Get your free quote for lighting tower hire in London today by calling 01746 766 099.