Mobile Lighting Tower Hire Wales

Lighting Tower Hire Wales

At Pump & Plant, we understand just how important good lighting can be. That’s why we have a full fleet of high-quality, diesel-powered lighting towers available for hire across Wales. Choose from either short or long-term rentals depending on your unique needs. Whether you need light towers for an event, for industrial work or for construction site, our quiet, energy-efficient tower lights won’t disappoint. Indeed, providing an average of 85 hours of uninterrupted bright light, you can trust us to provide convenient, reliable mobile lighting whenever you need it, without having to worry about upkeep, fuel costs or maintenance.

Reasons To Consider Lighting Tower Hire

Tower light hire is an incredibly cost-effective solution to your lighting needs, no matter where you are located in Wales. Because tower lighting is usually temporary, hiring means you won’t have to worry about storage when not in use and you won’t have to worry about transporting your equipment to new locations, either. Pump & Plant can simply deliver quality light towers directly to your chosen site, making transportation stresses a thing of the past.

Similarly, hiring a mobile lighting tower is much more convenient than purchase in terms of maintenance. When you hire a lighting tower from Pump & Plant, you can rest assured that your equipment has been thoroughly checked before use. It will come with enough fuel for 85 hours of lighting, so you won’t have to worry about fuel costs and, when you no longer require the equipment, we will simply collect it from you, delivering fully maintained, fully checked lights to you once again the next time you require lighting tower hire in Wales.

Quality Tower Lights Available for Hire Across Wales

Good lighting is essential. It helps to ensure that people can see properly as they complete construction work or walk around your event site as an attendee. In this respect, it also plays a crucial role in complying with health and safety. With adequate illumination proving so fundamental, it’s important to choose a Welsh lighting tower hire company you can trust.
Pump & Plant takes great pride in only supplying the best quality lighting towers across the whole of Wales. Our towers are:

  • Powerful: Our industrial-strength tower lights are capable of illuminating all kinds of indoor and outdoor sites, ensuring perfect, clear visibility at any time.
  • Portable: We have a full fleet of mobile lighting available for hire across Wales and, because each unit is durable and compact, we can deliver up to ten diesel-powered lighting towers at once. All our tower lights come with an approved trailer and forklift pockets, too, making it easy to move them around your site as required.
  • Almost silent: Our light towers only produce 60 dB of noise when standing seven metres away, making them almost silent.
  • Fuel efficient: You will get 85 full hours of unlimited operation from the mobile lighting towers we hire out in Wales.
  • Easy to operate: It only takes 12 seconds to extend the telescopic mast to its full nine-metre height and, with rotating headlamps, it’s easy to angle your light where it’s needed, too.
  • Sustainable: Despite providing powerful lighting, the lighting towers we hire out in Wales run on biodegradable oil, making them relatively sustainable. The engine fluids used are also fully bunded to protect against spills, making our fleet of tower lights for hire in Wales environmentally friendly, too.

Uses Of Portable Tower Lights

Pump & Plant has successfully rented high-quality tower lights to satisfied clients across all industries, both in the UK and Wales. Here are just some of the many things portable tower lights can be used for:

  • Tower lights are perfect for construction projects, including building new properties, installing new transport systems and introducing other types of major infrastructure.
  • Use the lighting towers we rent out in Wales as temporary lighting for your carpark.
  • The mobile lighting towers we hire are also ideal for site walkways and outbuildings.
  • Of course, you’ll often see light towers at outdoor events and festivals.
  • Finally, light towers can be used by the emergency services to provide an effective response to off-grid incidents and events.

How Our Wales Lighting Tower Hire Services Work

Renting or hiring a high-quality lighting tower from Pump & Plant couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch to tell us what you need and we’ll organise a convenient date and time to deliver your lighting towers to your site. We can deliver to any location across Wales and offer both short and long-term rental plans, as convenient for you.

In addition to offering lighting tower hire in Wales, we also sell high-quality light towers to customers who prefer to purchase. To find out how much your lighting tower hire or purchase will cost, simply contact Pump & Plant for a free quote.