Pressure water pumps or water booster pumps, as they are otherwise known, are pumping tools used to increase water pressure and flow output. Increasing rates of water usage and high-demand areas often have a knock-on effect on the average water pressure for homes, office spaces and various other locations. Mornings are particularly troublesome as they are a peak time for water use, as well as the early evenings.

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Our specialist and expert team collaborate with leading manufacturers to bring you reliable products, guaranteed to resolve water pressure issues in your property. With an integrated mains water booster pump, the water pressure on your property will be adjusted according to your specific needs but with so many pumps out there, all promising results, we know it may be hard to know what you’re looking for. That’s where we come in. Our bespoke pumps and wealth of experience, paired with a customer-centric approach, ensure your requirements are met every single time.

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We have competitively priced booster pumps for sale, suited to a wide range of uses and sectors. With our strong supply network and fast delivery services, your water pressure pump is only a click away. Contact Pump and Plant today for the right pump at the right price.

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Water Booster Pump Hire

If you require a temporary solution to your water pressure or lack thereof, we also have a dedicated line of rental pumps available to hire. Our flexible duration policy means no matter the length of time required, we ensure your needs and demands are met.

Sectors We Serve

Our automatic booster pumps increase water pressure in all types of properties, small and large. With packed systems, ready to install upon arrival, our water pressure pumps are sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

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Our domestic water booster pumps are particularly useful in dealing with low water pressure in residential areas. Gone are the days when water merely trickles out of the shower head, or the kettle takes longer to fill than it does to boil. With pump controllers allowing speed adjustment according to demand, experience an efficient and reliable water supply for all the family.


We have solutions designed to meet the high demands of businesses throughout the UK. Our commercial water booster pumps are complete and ready to install on your premises for a quick and hassle-free installation process. They also have variable speed pump controllers allowing you to adjust your system to meet your exact needs.

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As trusted water booster pump suppliers, we aim to ensure our pumping solutions are suitable for all industrial applications and uses. Our pumps have an average power output ranging from 0.25 kW to 300 kW, allowing them to generate more pressure and move larger volumes of water within industrial spaces.

Our Services

As well as supplying booster pumps for sale and hire, here at Pump and Plant we provide comprehensive support and services to ensure your water pressure pump continues to work and operate when you need it most. Your friendly pumping technicians, with you every step of the way.


Our technicians will oversee the installation of your mains water booster pump from start to finish, ensuring it is fitted correctly for immediate use. They will also show you how to access it and adjust the speed settings accordingly.


There are several reasons why your water pressure pump may suddenly stop working. From tripped circuit breakers to controller malfunctions and blocked inlet pipes. Whatever the reason, we are aware a failing booster pump is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. That is why our engineers are on hand to visit your home or premises to deal with matters quickly and efficiently.


If you don’t know what you’re looking for it may be difficult to spot and diagnose potential faults before they escalate. Lean on the experts to keep your water pressure pump well-maintained all year round. Generally, yearly maintenance checks are sufficient, with well-looked after systems lasting up to 25 years.

What We Offer You


Since our start in 1983, we’ve been proudly rooted in Bridgnorth. What sets us apart is our wealth of experience paired with deep product expertise, making us your go-to choice for finding the right pump at the right price.


Our fleet of vehicles is at your service, making sure your pumps arrive promptly and with a smile. Whether it’s our nimble urban vans or reliable trucks, we’ve got all bases covered. Count on us for hassle-free, on-time deliveries, right when and where you want them.


We’ve got you covered with nearly every pump type you can think of, from robust slurry pumps to handy, fully submersible drainage pumps. Our diverse selection ensures we can cater to your needs at a price that fits your budget.


We partner with industry-leading manufacturers like Atlas Copco, ABS, Calpeda, Caprari, Ebara, and more! Our extensive supply network guarantees we can consistently get the exact pump you need, and it’s always a top-quality product.

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If you have any questions about our stocked water pumps, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of the Pump and Plant team.

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Water Booster Pumps – FAQs

Water booster pumps work by increasing the water pressure in your home, office space, hotel or any other property or piece of land that may be experiencing low water pressure. Water is drawn in through your mains before being pressurised and distributed across your property for an efficient water supply. Our integrated water systems ensure tailored solutions, as they easily connect to your building’s water monitoring system.

The price of a water booster pump can differ depending on several factors, including the size of your pump, the power output and specific application just to name a few. Domestic pumps for residential homes and properties tend to be a lot cheaper as they are smaller and aren’t equipped to withstand large demands of water that you would expect with a hotel for example. It is recommended to talk through your options with a pumping supplier to understand which system best suits your requirements. Our team at Pump and Plant is on hand to assist and provide a free quotation.

Water pressure pump systems come in a variety of sizes, and you’ll need the right one if you are to correctly improve the water pressure on your property. As a general rule of thumb, booster pumps for agriculture, commercial and industrial applications tend to be bigger as the volume output will be larger. Again, leaning on the advice of experts, like our team at Pump and Plant, will allow you to purchase a suitably sized pump.

If you have a manual booster pump, these will need to be primed prior to use for it to work correctly. This process simply involves opening the pump’s priming plug, filling the pipes with water until it is full and then closing it back again. Then it should be ready to start up.

Water booster pumps should be installed on your main water line, as close to the source as you can position it. They should be in an easily accessible location with well-ventilation.

Water booster pumps need to be installed correctly to improve the water pressure as this can have the opposite effect if done incorrectly. All water pressure pumps typically come with specific instructions from the manufacturer, that are best to follow as some steps may differ according to the model. If in doubt, contact an expert who can ensure it is fitted correctly.