DSP22-05BD Sewage Cutter Pump

Discover the robust and reliable DSP22-05BD submersible sewage cutter pump, tailored for efficient sewage and wastewater management. With its powerful 2.2kW motor and cutter impeller, this pump ensures seamless flow at a discharge diameter of 40mm, ideal for handling challenging waste materials. Constructed from high-grade cast iron and hardened chrome steel, it boasts a durable design to withstand demanding conditions. The DSP22-05BD simplifies maintenance with interchangeable components, backed by a legacy of over 100 years of Landustrie expertise. Get in touch with the specialists at Pump & Plant to explore the advantages of integrating this cutting-edge technology into your waste management system.


Discover the DSP22-05BD, a submersible sewage cutter pump designed to take on the challenges of wastewater management with unparalleled efficiency. With its 2.2kW motor and a cutter impeller diameter of 136mm, this pump is built to deliver a nominal speed of 2830rpm, handling flow rates that defy expectations while preventing common clogging issues. Constructed from robust cast iron and equipped with hardened chrome steel cutters, it has the resilience to withstand the rigours of sewage transfer.

The cutter technology is not just robust but also precise, ensuring smooth operation and reduced maintenance demands. The pump’s 40mm discharge diameter is perfectly sized for effective waste removal, assuring continuous operation with a recommended minimum flow of 0.5l/sec.

Safety is paramount with the DSP22-05BD, featuring an IP68-protected motor and Class F insulation, ready to perform in environments up to 40°C. The entire unit, from the dual-sealed motor to the stainless-steel shaft and bolts, is crafted for longevity. With a weight of 49kg and a standard cable length of 10m, installation and handling are straightforward, making this pump a practical choice for your wastewater and sewage system needs.

For those seeking a pump that balances power, precision and durability, the DSP22-05BD is an investment that promises peace of mind and efficiency in wastewater management.