DSP22-05BE Sewage Cutter Pump

The DSP22-05BE sewage cutter pump is part of the DSP22 family of submersible sewage pumps by leading manufacturers Landustrie. It has a 2.6 kW motor that drives the rotating cutter impeller, chopping solids in sewage and wastewater for easy pumping. This system is ideal for medium to heavy-duty domestic and commercial waste transfer applications. With a maximum flow rate of 420l/m, this robust and highly durable sewage pumping device has been specially designed to prevent clogging and timely disruptions.

With many different sewage cutter pumps of all shapes, sizes and specialities out there, understanding the right one for your unique needs and requirements can be difficult. So why not let the experts at Pump & Plant lend you a helping hand? Our friendly team can’t wait to help you on your pumping journey so contact us today.


Sewage cutter pumps are useful tools for a number of applications. If your septic tank system tends to contain large debris or solid waste, a sewage cutter pump can prevent clogs and ensure efficient wastewater removal. The same goes for if your home sewage line is prone to clogging, a sewage cutter pump will be useful when pumping wastewater to the main sewage line.

The DSP22-05BE features a rotating impeller with an integrated 150mm cutter, with a 40mm diameter discharge pipe. With such robust craftsmanship and design, you can rest assured that smooth sewage pumping is on the horizon. The impeller itself is made from EN-GJS-400-15 grade cast iron, a material renowned for its strength, ductility and toughness. This is driven by the squirrel cage induction motor that has IP 68 protection and a Class F insulation rating. Users can benefit from three different installation options depending on your given space and location. The permanent submersion of this pump is facilitated by its oil-filled design that cools and lubricates the motor. It also has integrated sensors that provide thermal overload protection.

DSP22-05DA Sewage Cutter Pump Connections