DSP22-05BH Sewage Cutter Pump

The DSP22-05BH, from Landustrie, is a heavy-duty submersible sewage pump equipped with a hardened high torque cutter system that breaks down insoluble solids for easy pumping. Featuring a 4kW motor and capable of handling flows up to 420 l/m, this robust pumping system is ideal for sewage transfer in all types of domestic households. Get in touch with our team to learn more about this versatile sewage cutter pump or to request a free quote. With decades of experience supplying wastewater equipment, Pump & Plant can help you select the right sewage cutter pump for your requirements.


The DSP22-05BH has been engineered to handle sewage containing solids in residential settings, reliably and with ease. Thanks to the flexibility afforded in this model it can be installed in three different ways depending on what works within your space. The pump casing, impeller and motor unit itself are crafted from durable cast iron, whereas the cutter is made from hardened steel. Both materials are known for their high strength and sturdiness, which supports this model’s rugged build.

This sewage cutter pump has been designed around a 4 kW, 2840 rpm squirrel cage induction motor, with IP 68 protection and a Class F insulation rating. The motor drives a 175 mm diameter cutting impeller, constructed to smoothly chop through solids whilst preventing clogging in the 40 mm discharge pipe. This heavy-duty pump is ideal for basement drainage applications, septic tanks, lift stations and general waste transfer duties. For reduced disruption and noise pollution, the noise level will not exceed 70 Db(A), the equivalent of a running dishwasher or washing machine. On top of all the DSP22-05BH’s great features and specifications, this model comes with the option of an inbuilt water detector in the motor and oil chamber to protect your pump from malfunctioning or irreparable damage.

DSP22-05BH Sewage Cutter Pump Connections