DSP22-05DA Sewage Cutter Pump

If you’re looking for a submersible sewage cutter pump, specifically designed to handle wastewater in domestic properties and light commercial environments, we have the solution for you. With a maximum flow rate of 360 l/m, a 0.65 kW motor and a nominal speed of 1340 rpm, this rugged pump has the power to chop through debris for smooth and hassle-free pumping. To learn more about the DSP22-05DA or to request a free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Pump & Plant team.


Do you have a septic tank that needs managing, or a basement drainage system requiring efficient waste movement, the DSP22- 05DA can do all that and more. As proud suppliers of the DSP22-05DA Sewage Cutter Pump, we are here to help customers across the UK unlock the true benefits this domestic sewage pump has to offer. This model features a high-quality cutting system that powers through solids to pump sewage and wastewater with ease. This is only made possible through the dual-bladed cutter impeller that has a diameter of 170mm. The impeller itself is made of hardened chrome; a durable material renowned for its strength.

All the parts are also exchangeable, so you can easily find replacement and spare components with another pump brand or manufacturer. The DSP22- 05DA requires low motor power making it a cost-effective sewage pumping tool, so there’s no need to worry about significantly increased household bills. It also features a 40mm discharge pipe with a Class F insulation rating and IP 68 protection. Landustrie has been in the wastewater technology industry since 1913, manufacturing leading sewage pumps and trusted solutions for over 100 years.

DSP22-05DA Sewage Cutter Pump Connections