Electric Submersible Drainage Pump – WEDA D70N

The WEDA D70N electric drainage pumps from Atlas Copco are fully submersible, portable, and lightweight. Both the D70L and D70H versions are available. The D70L has a max flow of 1200USgpm, a max head of up to 110ft, and a 6″ discharge; the D70H has a max flow of 300USgpm, a max head of 254ft, and a 4″ discharge. The two models run on a 50hz frequency with 400v to 690v motors and can handle solids up to 0.27in. The D70 drainage pumps perform extremely efficiently in both clean and sand-laden water, even with tiny solid particles.



The D70N drainage pumps have integrated motor phase failure protection and precise rotation control. Being a wear-resistant diffusor and impeller materials, they are a simple drainage pump to maintain. The WEDA Instant Service Pack, which permits quick on-site repair of seals, impellers, and other parts, is included with the D70 models. If you want a pump that can provide the dry sump necessary for proper working conditions, the D70 pumps are the way to go. Available anodes include zinc and float.

WEDA D70 specification sheet
WEDA D70 performance curve graph

Product Reference Sheet WEDA D70 50Hz