Electric Submersible Sludge Pump – WEDA S04N & S08N

Atlas Copco’s WEDA S04N and S08N are electric sludge pumps, designed to be lightweight, portable, and completely submerged. Both models operate on a 230v motor and can manage solids of up to 1.0in. The S04N has a max head of up to 32.8ft and a max flow of 60USgpm; the S08N has a max head of 48.6ft and a max flow of 76.6USgpm. These pumps shine when it comes to mining applications, cleaning out tanks, and clearing trenches and ponds.

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The S04N & S08N feature strong wear-resistance and are easily maintained. They are ideal for pumping water contaminated by sludge, mud, or light slurry. Both models have dry running capacity, a built in capacitor, thermal protection, and mechanical shaft seals. You can also choose between zinc and float anodes.

WEDA S04N & S08N submersible sludge pump specifications
WEDA D04N performance curve

Product Reference Sheet WEDA S04N-S08N (50 Hz)