Electric Submersible Sludge Pump – WEDA S50

The WEDA S50N sludge pump from Atlas Copco is fully-submersible, portable, and electric. It has a 230v motor, a max head of up to 92 feet, and a max flow of 370USgpm. The S50N can withstand solids of up to 2 inches in diameter and is commonly used for pumping sewage, alum sludge, as well as dredging. It is an excellent piece of kit to own.

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The S50N is a heavy-duty sludge pump that is built to last and resist abrasion. It has the ability to pump both liquids and solids, including thick, soft, wet muck and other waste materials from manufacturing or refining processes. The S50N is easy to maintain and includes a built-in capacitor, mechanical shaft seals, dry working capability, and thermal protection. You can also choose between float and zinc anode options.

WEDA S50 specifications
WEDA S50 performance curve graph

Product Reference Sheet WEDA S50