Electric Submersible Sludge Pump – WEDA S60

The WEDA S60N sludge pump from Atlas Copco is electric, fully submersible, and portable. It has a 230v motor, a maximum head of up to 100 feet, and a maximum flow of 470USgpm. The S60N unit can resist materials up to 2in and is ideal for mining applications, trench and pond cleaning, tank cleanouts, and for pumping water containing mud, sludge, or light slurry. It is a must-have on any job site.

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The S60N is a heavy-duty sludge pump built for demanding, abrasive applications. It is widely utilised for pumping viscous mixes of liquids and solids, such as thick, soft, wet mud or other byproducts of industrial or refining processes. The S60N has a built-in capacitor, mechanical shaft seals, dry operating capability, and thermal protection. It is also simple to maintain and has float and zinc anode options.

WEDA S60 specification sheet
WEDA S60 performance curve

Product Reference Sheet WEDA S60