Electric Submersible Slurry Pump – WEDA L50N

The WEDA L50N electric slurry pump made by Atlas Copco is a marvellous, lightweight pump which is easily portable and can be submerged completely. Technical features include a max head of 57ft, a max flow of 308USgpm, and a capacity for solids of tp to 1.0in. If you are dredging, quarrying, or settling ponds, the L50N is a great pump to get the job done.

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The L50N heavy-duty slurry pump is a safe bet for extremely tough jobs, thanks to its high wear-resistance and excellent craftsmanship. It is a really great choice for pumping many kinds of industrial slurries. Lastly, it features a discharge connection for the 100DN which measures 4 inches.

WEDA L40N specification sheet
WEDA L50N performance curve document

Product Reference Sheet WEDA L50