Electric Submersible Slurry Pump – WEDA L70N

The WEDA L70N from Atlas Copco is an electric slurry pump that is fully submersible, lightweight, and portable. It has a maximum head of 85ft, a maximum flow of 616USgpm, and can resist solids up to 1 inch in size. The L70N is ideal for use in settling ponds, quarries, and even dredging operations. The L70N is ideal if you require a slurry pump that can tackle the most demanding tasks.

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Heavy-duty slurry pumps like the L70N are made to handle the toughest solids. It is a great option for pumping industrial slurries because of its high abrasion resistance and sturdy construction. The L70N additionally has 4-inch discharge connections on the bottom, sides, and top.

WEDA L70N specification sheet
WEDA L60N performance curve document

Product Reference Sheet WEDA L60