Pressure Boosting Pumps

Water supply systems in modern buildings demands reliable energy efficient products that adjust to the need and can easily be connected to a building monitoring system. Please read the description below.


The water supply range meets modern costumer’s high expectations of reliability, energy efficiency and ease of installation and service to achieve the lowest possible life cycle cost.

Packed systems
Complete, ready-to-install solutions with one or several pumps, pump control (variable or fixed speed), pressure transmitters and valves, all mounted on a frame.

Borehole, multistage and end suction pumps in cast iron or stainless steel ranging from 0,25 kW to above 300 kW and heads exceeding 800 m to cover from small up to very large and high buildings.

Pump controllers
Variable speed pump controllers to adjust the capacity exactly to the demand.

Calpeda Water Pumps
EBARA Water Pumps
ESPA Water Pumps
Lowara Water Pumps
Xylem Water Pumps

*We are currently updating our website. For all available pressure booster pumps, please download our catalogue (19MB). Alternatively, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help!