Submersible Wastewater Pump Type ABS AS

Features and Benefits

The AS is a submersible pump with a fully flood-proof motor suitable for the removal of clear water, wastewater and sewage from buildings and sites. Available for portable or fixed installations. Hydraulics with Contrablock ensure blockage-free operation.


Key Characteristics

50 Hz                                     60 Hz
Capacity (max)    110 m³/h                                120 m³/h
Head (max)          28 m                                      35 m
Temperatures       40°C, max. 60°C for 5 min    40°C, max. 60°C for 5 min
Discharge sizes    G 2″, DN 65, DN 80               G 2″, DN 65, DN 80
Speed (max)          2’900 rpm                              3’400 rpm