Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps can be submerged into the liquid that needs to be pumped, which pushes cleaner fluid to the surface. Submersibles are widely considered to be the most efficient pumps around.

We have heavy duty electrical submersible pumps available for hire for use on construction sites, in civil engineering contracts and in sewage treatment. We also have a selection of pumps of lower capacity that can be used for lighter duties and in domestic locations.

Our submersible pumps are perfect for even the most complex pumping applications, perhaps where traditional drainage solutions are not suitable. They can be used in a wide array of applications, including domestic, commercial or industrial water systems, sewage treatment, drainage, quarrying and tunnelling and in construction and irrigation.

We stock submersible pumps from the industry’s leading names, such as Flygt, Weda, KSB, ABS and Grindex, among others. Please get in touch for the latest information and products.

Air Pump Range

  • The AP4 AutoPump is an air-powered positive displacement landfill pump used to remove and control leachate and methane condensate levels in landfills.
  • The AutoPump operates in response to the changes in the liquid column in the leachate riser and/or condensate sump, without requiring surface controls, timers, or in-well bubbler sensors.
  • The AP4 AutoPump delivers the highest flow rates in 4″ (100mm) ID wells or larger. AP4 AutoPumps are available three different lengths (Long, Short and Low Drawdown) to accommodate different liquid column, drawdown and well geometry requirements.
  • AP4 AutoPumps are built with a broad variety of alloys and engineering plastics to meet the site-specific requirements of the most demanding landfill applications.
  • The AP4 AutoPump is designed to handle difficult pumping challenges such as leachate, hydrocarbons, solvents, suspended solids, corrosives, temperature extremes, viscous fluids and frequent start/stop cycles

How the AutoPump Works

The AP4 AutoPump is powered by compressed air. The air valves are designed so that instrument quality air is not required. In fact, the AP4 can handle water and oil in the air supply with no detrimental effect to the pump performance.

The AutoPump requires only three in-well line connections: air supply, air exhaust and fluid discharge lines.

Fluids enter the pump through the inlet port at the bottom (bottom loader models) of the pump. As the fluid level rises in the body of the pump, it displaces the dead air inside the pump, which is expelled through the exhaust air valve. As the pump fills with liquid, the internal float rises to the top of its stroke.

In this upper position, the float triggers a lever assembly, which closes the air exhaust valve and opens the pressurized air inlet, allowing air to enter and pressurize the pump.

With the air inlet valve open, air pressure builds up within the pump body. This causes the fluid inlet check valve to close and forces the fluid to be displaced up and out of the fluid discharge outlet valve. As the fluid level falls, the float moves downward to the bottom of its stroke.

In this lower position, the float triggers the lever assembly to close the air supply and open the air exhaust valve. And a new cycle begins.

The AutoPump does not bleed air and only consumes air on demand during the discharge cycle. Thus, the AutoPump is very air efficient.

The gravity feed and the air displacement pumping action of the AutoPump does not create an emulsion of the contaminant in the water. The pump can be installed in non-pressurized wells, wells with vacuum or positive pressure

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